Le Studio Manitou started off in 1996 from a small spare room operation in Irishtown, New-Brunswick. From this modest beginning, the studio has changed locations three times and has grown into one of the busiest in the province.

The studio is a non-smoking environment located in a 24' X 32' space with 11' cathedral ceilings and lots of naturaly exposed wood. There are 4 ISO booths and 1 control room all equipped with individual climate control and dimable lighting. There is also a private kitchenette and a lounging area with wash room. Please see the pic section for more details.

For near-by accommodations while recording your masterpiece, Le Vilage Gedaique cottage rentals is located 5 minutes down the road.

As for equipment, the studio is fully computerized. At the heart of the setup is a 48 track, 24 bit PARIS recording system equipped with 20 simultaneous ins and outs. We also use REAPER as our main sequencer and soft sinth workstation linked/synced to PARIS via 24 channels of ADAT light pipe. An assortment of high end mikes and pres are available including Rode, Shure, AKG, MXL, Studio Projects, Oktava, LR Baggs, Behringer, Sytek, Presonus and Focusrite. The studio is also equipped with custom patch bays to easily accommodate walked in equipment such as external recorders, sound processors, pres, etc...
In 2008, all ISO booths and the control room received major acoustics treatment making them an absolute treat to work in.

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