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Here you will find lots of information about the studio, our services and other musical stuff. The studio is a 48 track, fully digital recording studio situated in beautiful Shediac-Bridge, New-Brunswick, Canada, the lobster capital of the world. Thank you for your interest in our services and please contact us with any comments, questions or suggestions you may have.

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Studio News:

July 2011 : The studio now has a new Pro Tools 10 system with full recall motorized faders and multiple i/o configurations.

April 2011 : Cayouche was in to record his latest CD "La Rappel" scheduled for release this summer.

Mar 2011 : The Delhunty Bros are back to record a 4th CD, a colaboration between Manitou studios and Pumpkin Patch studios. This may well be their best CD to date, due out in June 2011.

Jan 2011 : Matt Hayes and friends are in the studio recording a Bluegrass album that is sure to turn some heads. Keep your ears open for this one.

Dec 2010 : Paul Dwayne is in the studio recording his next francophone CD scheduled for release in the spring of 2011.

Nov 2010 : Louis Arsenault is currently in the studio recording what promises to be a very traditional and back to basics CD of Old-Time Country hits from the 50s and 60s.

June 2010 : The new franco acadian group "Chaffrail" with Denise Daigle on fiddle finishes their first CD titled "On a d’la fun".

May 2010: We did some ADR work (Automated dialogue replacement) for the upcoming film "The Big Bang" staring Antonio Banderas and local actor Robert Maillet as "Anton" the russian boxer. The film will be in theaters nation wide sometime in 2011.

Avril 2010 : Josée Vautour along with many local musicians and Studio Manitou join forces to record a song called "Marchons Ensemble" from writer Rachel Vautour to help raise funds for the "Relay for life" campaign.

Mar 2010: Daniel Goguen finishes his third solo album full of original songs, most of them penned by Dan himself.

Oct 2009: The new french Acadian group CHIAC is in the studio to record their first CD of traditional kitchen party music with a modern, funky twist. The first single titled "Le Begueilleux " has had an impressive 54 000 hits on youtube to date.

June 2009: The new Acadian group "Chaffrail" featuring Denise Daigle on fiddle was in to record an original instrumental piece that will surely get feet tapping all over Acadie.

May 2009: The GrassKickers were in to record their first single "Oh ma mere" to be released on local radio this month. They are very talented and a great group to work with. 

March 2009: The song "Hugo", a fundraising campaing to allow 3 year old Hugo Robichaud of Capele to receive very expensive cancer treatments in the USA, was recorded here at the studio. Many local artists donated their time to record this great song written by Paul LeBlanc. See a video of the session here.

Jan 2009: Josee Vautour, this extremely talented young lady from Saint Louis de Kent is in the studio recording a 3 song sampler of original material with plans to record a full CD in 2009. Keep an ear open for her debut single to hit local radio in April. See a video of the session here.

Nov 2008: The Delhunty Brothers, Scott and Gerald completed their latest CD here at the studio and it is another great effort by the guys who never fail to deliver great music.

Oct 2007: Paul Hebert has completed his second and long awaited CD project titled "Les Pauvres Riches" . This new project is packed with strong arrangements, killer vocals and awesome bluegrass licks.

April 2007: Le groupe Laviree just completed their new CD packed with their high energy, francophone sound. The new CD is titled "1,2,3 GO" and is sure to please.

Oct 2006: We are back in the studio and off to a great start with a new album from the The Delhunty Brothers.

June 2006: Its time for another break from the studio for a little summer time gigin, see you in the fall.

April 2006: We had Johnny Burke in for some more great sessions. Johnny is after a more acoustical sound for his upcoming album due out in the fall of 2006.

May 2006: Le group Vishten just wrapped up one month of tracking here at the studio for their upcoming CD release. The band brought in their own production and technical crew complete with a full Pro Tools HD system for this project. We wish them the best of luck with their new CD and hope to have them back here in the future.

March 2006: Daniel Goguen just completed his second solo CD with plans for a early summer release. He also plans to promote his new CD with shows at various venues in Atlantic Canada and parts of Quebec. It was a pleasure working with this very talented and disciplined song writer/musician.

Jan 2006: TrueBlue Bluegrass band just completed their second album here at the studio. The project, produced by Russell Sawler, went very well and it was a treat working with these young yet very professional and energetic musicians and we hope to have them back here for a third album.

Oct 2005: After a good summer of giging, its back to work in the studio and we started off in style with a 2 song demo recording of New Brunswick native now living in Ontario, Johnny Burke. The session went very well and showcased Johnny's amazing vocal mixed with the sound of the best bluegrass session players in the area.

June 2005: Rheal LeBlanc completed his third solo album and had a very successful CD release party on the 19th of June. See www.rhealleblanc.com for more info.

Feb 2005: Le group Laviree has just finished tracking their first full studio CD titled "L'ordre du bon temp" due out this spring. It was a blast working with those guys, we had fun.

Dec 2004: Le Studio Manitou was a sponsor at the first annual "Star Jeunesse" talent competition held in Shediac. Six participants from both the elementary and high school levels won terrific prizes including two demo recordings here at the studio. Congratulations to all participants for a job well done.

Dec 2004: Le group Zarico just finished their second CD due out in the spring 2005.

Oct 2004: Marie-Therese and Vincent LeBlanc just finished their first CD in early November with plans for a pre christmas release. Their first single titled "Mon Enfant" reached #2 on the NB francophone country charts.

Sept 2004: Art Richard's new childrens christmas CD was completed at the end of September 04. See www.artrichard.com

August 2004: Daniel Goguen has just finished and released the first single of his upcoming second album due out next pring/summer. "Elle Danse" a song that showcases Daniel's aggressive yet melodic sound stayed #1 on the NB pop/rock charts for 4 weeks.

August 2004: The Delhunty Brothers finished their first CD at the end of August 04 and launched it to a sold out crowd at the Capital Theater in Moncton. Way to go guys, congratulations you guys deserve it..!!

May 2004: Le Group Laviree was in to record their 4 song demo CD titled "4 tounes" with plans for a full CD project in the winter of 2005.

April 2004: Herve 'Hert' LeBlanc finished his second album here at the studio at the end of April and has been touring the Maritimes all summer with his unique blend of Acadian / Country sound and his amazing frontman talent. See www.hertleblanc.com

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